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Long Dan Xie Gan decoction is the classical prescription to disperse liver fire and clear damp heat of triple energizer. The writer uses this prescription with modification to treat the ophthalmology diseases, the effect is satisfactory after observation.
1. Acute conjunctivitis, the lung heat and liver fire are cleared after taking the decoction, it can be healed after 3 days.
2. Virus keratitis, the patients should take 9 decoctions, the sight can be improved from 0.2 to 0.4.
3. Zoster ophthalmicus, taking 10 decoctions, the patients may heal.
4. Saemisch corneal ulcer, taking 7 decoctions continuously, the pus in the anterior chamber can be dispelled. The ulcer edge and basal turn clear, the treatment method is changed to nourishing Yin and improving eyesight to eliminate opacity, after half month, the disease will be healed after a scab forms.

Key words: Long Dan Xie Gan Decoction, eye disease

Writer: Chaohua Long
TCM hospital, Cha Ling county, Hunan province (412400)


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