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* There are 96 patients in this group, including 56 male and 40 female who are from 14 years old to 33 years old. The treatment method: main ear points: both lungs, endocrine
, sympathia, Shen Men, stomach, large Intestine, adrenal cortex; adjuvant points: adding Ear Apex, adrenal glands if there is red swelling of the skin; adding gall bladder, spleen if there is excrescent grease. The pressure pain point should be discovered in the selected are before treatment, then, to paste and press on the points using Liu Shen Pills. To instruct patient press 5 seconds on each point, 5 times per day, 7 days are one course, and take 3 days break before we conduct the next course. Pricking needling on Da Zhui (Dazhui (GV14))  point using three edged needle, cupping on Da Zhui (GV14) point and bloodletting, once every 3 days, once every 2 days for severe cases.

Treatment result: the facial papules disappeared in 59 patients; most of the facial papules became smaller or disappeared in 11 cases; part of the facial papules became smaller or disappeared in 19 cases; only 7 patients whose facial papules did not change. Total effective rate is 92%.

Key words: Ear Points Pressing, Da Zhui point, Bloodletting, Acne

Writer: Lijun Tian, Yuqing, Leng
Employee Hospital of Hebei Engineering University (066038)


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