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According to the physiological and pathological features of ENT, we need to focus on the substance of the diseases, command the pathogenesis during the application of obverse treatments, also use the contrary compatibility appropriately so that the two methods may harmonize each other, connecting cold and heat, break the rules and reach better effect. Here presents the commonly used methods:

“Guide the dragon back to the sea”: there is insufficient water in the lower, the fire is floating on the upper, the sore throat is situated in one side of adam apple where the Shao Yin meridian gets across, there is harshness with localized pain and obvious pressing pain, no obstruction for food, the symptoms are more serious when being tired, the symptoms are not easy gone, all of these are the typical characters of the diseases. The herbs: Shu Di Huang, Shan Yao 12g respectively, Mu Dan Pi, Ze Xie, Fu Ling 10g respectively, Shan Zhu Yu 18g, Rou Gui 4g. Among which, using corrigent Rou Gui, it is pungent, sweat, and big hot, warm and reinforce spleen-kidney Yang Qi in order to “guiding the dragon back to the sea”.
Disperse fire stagnation: the diseases suddenly attack, the patients have forehead acute pain, the condition is like to peck, which is serious in the morning and noon, rhinoscopy sees red and swelling of nasal mucosa, there is mucous secretions on the front top of the meatus nasi medius, no stench, the affected side of eye socket has obvious pressing pain, there is concomitant symptoms including flushing face, red eyes, dry mouth etc, the treatment focuses on expelling wind evil, dispersing fire stasis, the prescription selected is Cang Er Zi San with modification: raw Shi Gao 30g, Cang Er Zi 15g, Mu Bi Hua, Fang Feng, Chuan Xiong 10g respectively, Bo He, Bai Zhi, Sheng Ma, Ju Hua 5g respectively, Xi Xin 2g. Xi Xin is warm in nature and strong in function, combines Shi Gao’s function of pungent taste having dispersing effect, to expel moving wind and floating heat, to disperse the fire stasis, and they complement each other.
To remove the ultimate cause of trouble: regarding acute tonsillitis, there are white rot of nuclear on laryngeal surface, no stool within one day, although the cold and heat are not relieved, we may add Da Huang to prescription with function of dispersing wind and clearing heat, the aim is to clear and eliminate the heat of internal and external, promote diaphragm and stools, so that we can remove the ultimate cause of trouble, the effect can be seen after 1 decoction is taken.

Key words: Contrary Compatibility, E.N.T. Department, application

Writer: Kangming Cheng, Wen Cheng
Xing Hua City TCM Hospital, Jiangsu province (225700)v


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