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The reason of “problem child” is not very clear so far, it is as same as other mental disorders, there is not specific etiology or pathology change, and no special signs for the adjuvant diagnosis or laboratory tests etc. for diagnostic method. “Problem child” has the symptoms including hyperactivity, twitching, nervous irritability, uncoordinated limb, etc., often be complicated by epilepsy, mental retardation, poor memory, anxiety, autism, delayed speech etc. The symptoms of “problem child” are diverse, which are related with many meridians, organs’ unbalance, disorder of Yin and Yang. The writer is experienced and consistently explores the different diseases in same treatment. The writer apply needling on Si Feng Points and combines with diet treatment, or use the Chinese medicine for assistant, effect can be got within 1 to 2 weeks. The most obvious change is spiritual altering such as becoming calm, to be obedient, appetite improvement.

The treatment methods:
Needling on Si Feng Points.
Diversifying the food for adjusting and harmonizing five Zang organs in order for balance. As to the child who has poor appetite, the herbs like Shan Yao, Lian Zi, Bian Dou, Ji Nei Jin etc are commonly grinded for using, the fermented food is suggested, which could enhance the growth of intestinal probiotics, adding appropriated amount may multiply the effect. Educating the children to chew carefully to boost the saliva and conducive to the digestion function.
Chinese medicine: for the children whose eyes are in dark blue, no matter what symptoms they have, must use Shi Jue Ming, Jiang Can, and Sang Ye. Also we can use dry Sang Ye or Can Sha to make pillow for them.
Eugenic and superior nurture should consider of  nourishing essence for male, nourishing blood for female, having rhythmic life, be abstemious in diet, etc.

Key words: spleen-stomach theory, problem child, eugenic and superior nurture

Writer: Xianhui Wei
Folk medicine research institute, Ping Tan county, Fujian province (350400)v


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