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Internal Medicine

4. Qi and blood deficiency: the treatment measures include reinforcing Qi and nourishing blood, nourishing brain and promoting meridians. The prescription is Ba Zhen Decoction with modification: Tai Zi Shen 20g, Huang Qi 20-100g, Bai Zhu 10g, Fu Ling 15g, Dang Gui 10g, Chuan Xiong 6g, Chi Shao 10g, Bai Shao 10g, ji Xue Teng 15g, San Qi 5g, Gou Qi Zi 10g, Huai Shan Yao 15g. We can use Huang Qi or Hong Shen to reinforce Qi, so as to promote the absorbing of hematoma.
5. Liver-kidney Yin deficiency: the treatment methods consist of nourishing and reinforcing liver-kidney, nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation. The prescription is Yu Yin Huo Xue Tong Mai decoction: Gui Jia 20g, Bie Jia 20g, Bai Shao 20g, Shu Di Huang 10g, Wang Bu Liu Xing 10g, Dan Shen 10g, Shui Zhi 10g, Tian Ma 10g, Hu Ma Ren 15g, Huang Jing 15g, Xi Yang Shen 20g, Mai Dong 15g, Zhi Mu 12g, Xuan Shen 12g etc.
6. Qi deficiency and Yang deviating: the method of reinforcing Qi and warming Yang is employed. Prescription: Shen Fu parenteral solution (injection), Shen Mai parenteral solution (injection), Li Shen parenteral solution (injection) etc. The west medicine needs to be applied for this type until the condition becomes better, then, using Chinese medicine according the syndrome differentiation.
7. Promoting Fu organs according to the syndrome differentiation: lucid Yang ascending to the upper orifices, turbid Yin being discharged from the lower orifices, thus, during the process of treatment of ischemic stroke, we should especially pay attention to promoting Fu organs and relieving heat.

Key words: Ischemic Stroke, new theory

Writer: Yanzhou Yao
Mao Ming City TCM Hospital, Guangdong province (525000)v


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