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Internal Medicine

* Warming and reinforcing liver-kidney to promote Yang method: as for the liver-kidney Yin deficiency syndrome according to the general syndrome differentiation, there exist two types: genuine Yin deficiency and false Yin deficiency, false Yin deficiency is caused by Yang deficiency cannot be dissolved, thus the false symptoms are presented, which include hyperactivity of deficient fire and deficient Yang go beyond, for my clinical experience, false Yin deficiency accounts for more than 70% of the Yin deficiency syndrome. The prescription for warming and reinforcing liver-kidney to promote Yang method is Si Ni Decoction combines with Zhu Yu Decoction with modification.
* Warming Yang and promoting Qi and blood method: as to the chronic liver disease with cirrhosis of liver, when the emergent case of upper gastrointestinal bleeding occurs, the prescription selected is Huang Tu decoction, removing Huang Qin and Di Huang, adding Huang Qi, Ren Shen, toasted Gan Jiang etc.
* Restoring Yang to rescue reverse method: as to the late phase of choric hepatitis, hepatic failure often affects heart and brain, the hepatic encephalopathy or congestive heart failure are caused, which are the dangerous cases, few effective rescuing measure can be found in modern medicine, the Chinese medicine also seldom has effect. Regarding this phase, if the symptoms including unconsciousness, blood pressure decreases, faint breath, the four limbs are not warm, faint pulse, which are the symptoms that Yang Qi nearly vanishes, for the importance of Yang Qi, the prescription selected is Si Ni decoction adding Ren Shen, Long Gu, Mu Li, Shan Zhu Yu etc.

Key words: warming Yang method, liver disease

Writer: Xueyin Zhao
Tai An City TCM Hospital, Shandong Provice (271000)v


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