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Traumatology and Orthopedics

In order to compare the treatment effect between the method of acupuncture combines with medicine and the method of pure medicine on male osteoporosis, we randomly divided 55 male patients with osteoporosis to two groups: observation group with 25 cases and contrast group with 30 cases. For the observation group, the patients took Alendronate Sodium, and had the treatments of acupuncture and warm moxibustion on acupoints of Pishu (BL20), Shenshu (BL23), Mingmen (GV4), Shenque (CV8) etc. Regarding the contrast group, the patients only took Alendronate Sodium. After continuous treatment for 6 months, the clinical symptoms accumulated score and the bone mineral density (BMD) were observed.
Result: the clinical symptoms accumulated score for both groups after treatment was decreased obviously, the decline for observation group is more evident than the contrast group. The BMD of lumbar vertebrae and femur for observation group improved remarkably. Comparing with the contrast group, the BMD of lumbar for observation group improved better after treatment. The impact and occurrence rate of adverse reactions in observation group reduced more obviously than that of contrast group.

Conclusion: treating male osteoporosis using method of acupuncture and warm moxibustion combines with medicine got better effect than only applying medicine (Alendronate Sodium), the former has less adverse reactions.

Key words: Male Osteoporosis, acupuncture and warm moxibustion, bone mineral density (BMD)

Writer: Gang Ouyang, Dongyan Wang, Xiaomei Xu
Rehabilitation department, hospital for provincial organizations of Jiangsu province, Nanjing 210024; Lian Yun Gang City No.1 People’s Hospital, Jiangsu Province


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