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The symptoms of allergic rhinitis include itching sensation inside nose, stuffy nose, sneezing, nose running, distension and stuffy sensation on head etc. The disease history is long, and the disease occurs repeatedly, the writer usually uses Gui Zhi Decoction with modification for the treatment and got satisfactory effect. The prescription; Gui Zhi 9g, fry Bai Shao 15g, prepared Gan Cao 5g, Sheng Jiang (ginger) 3g, Da Zao 5 pieces, Ting Li Zi 12g, Chan Tui 9g. Decocting with water, one decoction per day, after 5-10 decoctions, obvious effect may be achieved or the patients can be cured. The pathogenesis of allergic rhinitis mostly includes wind-cold or wind-heat evil attack lung, there exists lung deficiency and wei-energy dysfunction. Gui Zhi Decoction can adjust Ying-Wei energy, adding Ting Li Zi, Chan Tui, Ting Li Zi enters lung and bladder meridians and can expel phlegm and move water, promote the downwards movement of qi and relieve asthma, Chan Tui may enter lung and liver meridians, it is light and floating in nature, and may promote lung and pacify liver, disperse wind and clear heat, subdue wind and arrest convulsion. One of the two herbs is floating, another is sinking, they harmonize Ying and Wei energy, and the symptoms are cured.

Key words: Gui Zhi Decoction modification, Allergic Rhinitis

Writer: Jinliang Wang
TCM Hospital of Ping Yao County, Shanxi Province


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