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Internal Medicine

Wu Mei (Dark Plum fruit), sour, warm in nature, enters liver, spleen, lung, and large intestine meridians, its functions consist of astringing and body fluid regeneration, calming down and relieving ascarid. Wu Mei is sour and acerbity herb with function of astringing, it is usually used for spleen deficiency and chronic Diarrhea, anal prolapsed etc syndromes. Recent years, the clinical research discovers that Wu Mei has some new functions that are listed below:
(1) Itch of skin: Wu Mei can nourish skin and stop the itching, anti-anaphylaxis, it is effective when there are itch of skin, urticant eruptions, stubborn dermatitis etc due to blood-deficiency and wind dryness.
(2) Absent gastric acidity: it has good effect for absent gastric acidity due to chronic atrophic gastritis, poor appetite.
(3) Neurasthenia: it can eliminate irritability and clear heat, and thus has obvious for neurasthenia.
(4) Chronic nephritis: Wu Mei is beneficial for regeneration of renal tubular epithelial, and could enhanced tubular reabsorption, it improves blood circulation in kidney, promotes the recovery of kidney function, being effective for hematuria, proteinuria result from chronic nephritis.
(5) Colpitis mycotica: being effective for this disease through external washing.
(6) Hyperglycemia: it could be employed for relieve the hyperglycemia caused by diabetes when being combined with other herbs.

Key words: Wu Mei, Dark Plum fruit, New Function

Writer: Shuiquan (KI5) Xi-Cleft Point Ye


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