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Internal Medicine

Source: experienced herbs combination

Application: Xia Ku Cao can clear and reduce liver fire, referring to “Ben Cao Qiu Zhen”, it is effective for the treatment of all syndromes that heat stasis in liver meridian by using this herb. Huang Qin may clear and reduce fire, according to “Zhen Zhu Nang”, it can remove excessive Yang, and may cool the heart and eliminate heat. With the combination of these two herbs, the liver heat could be cleared, and liver fire may be reduced. It can be used for the patients who have diabetes with hypertension that belongs to excessive fire of liver.

Experience: for the treatment of hypertension that belongs to excessive fire, Huang Qin and Xia Ku Cao need be applied in big dosage: Huang Qin 30g, Xia Ku Cao 30-45g, if there is liver fire excess, using Xia Ku Cao for 60g.

Others: the modern pharmacology demonstrates that both the herbs have obvious effect on decompression.

Key words: Metabolic Syndrome, Huang Qin, Xia Ku Cao

Writer: Bulin Tong
Guang An Men Hospital, China Academy of Traditional Chinese medicine


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