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Internal Medicine

There is not completely mature approach for the cognition of tumors, I have some treatment experience and would like to share with the peers.
1. Pathogen overview
(1) For every part of the human body, if the Yang qi cannot reach the place, diseases may occur. The people who have original insufficiency-cold of spleen are easily to get Tumors.
(2) Eight or nine out of ten, the cold-damp may cause Tumors. Some patients have the symptoms of thirsty, feverish dysphoria, aversion to heat, be favor of cool food, continuous high-fever or low-fever cannot be relieved, all the symptoms are the heat symptoms, this is the pseudo-heat, it cannot be used as the only evidence for syndrome differentiation and the guidance for prescription, otherwise, the herbs with cold features are employed mistakenly. This pseudo-heat is from real-cold, cold functions as constriction and may block upwards and downwards of activities of qi, then the heat is formed. Under this situation, using the herbs with cold features to clear heat is of no difference as “add insult to injury”, this is the offence of commandment that overdraft when there is insufficiency and reinforcing when there is excess.
(3) Internal damage of emotion-thought
Sorrow leads to qi stagnation that causes Yang qi obstruction, where the Yang qi obstruction locates in the Zang Fu and their meridians, where the Tumors will occur.

2. Treatment methods
(1) The patients will survive if there is stomach qi, therefore, protecting stomach qi is the primary principle.
For most of the patients who have tumors, their syndromes transmitted into three Yin syndromes. Thus, protecting stomach qi is extremely significant. We must apply herbs in the correct dosage, especially, for the sweating, vomiting, discharging, and should be highly careful to the using of herbs with cold features. Patients are seen the symptoms including poor appetite, abdominal distension, fatigue, loose stool or constipation, etc which belongs to declination of stomach-qi after radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Many patients died not due to tumor but the declination of stomach-qi. No matter the tumors occur in which Zang Fu organs, if there are symptoms of spleen-stomach deficiency-cold, we must firstly protect middle energizer qi and put off other considerations.

Key words: tumor, treatment Ideas

Writer: Ke Li


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