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Internal Medicine

1. Incurable diseases and protracted disease, methods inherited from expert Zhongjing Zhang
Although the treatment of immune system disease emphasize Yang Qi, cold pathogen, three Yin syndrome, the six meridians syndromes may occur in various phase of disease, the prescription is selected according to which meridian the syndrome belongs to. If there is excessive pathogen but no weakness from body condition, the symptoms accord with wind-damp and heat blockage of Tai Yang syndrome, Ren Shen Bai Hu Decoction modification is used. The disease transmits from three Yin meridians to three Yang meridians and the Yang Ming Fu-organ syndrome and Shao Yang syndrome, Cheng Qi Decoction with modification, Xiao Chai Hu Decoction with modification are employed. It is not appropriate to use only one prescription or method, it is essential to realize the history of the disease, determine the treatment based on the differentiation of the six meridians syndromes and sings, to do so, we can integrate the valuable experiences of the medical experts in many generations.

2. Differentiating the real, pseudo, deficiency and excess of the heat syndrome
There are heat symptoms among the immune system diseases, we should differentiate the real and pseudo, deficiency and excess of the heat. For the external attacking of wind-cold-damp pathogens in the surface of the skin, the pathogens further block the internal meridians, we need to relieve them using sweating. As to the situation that healthy Qi and pathogen opposes each other, the upwards and downwards activities of Qi are blocked and lead to heat, we should warm and activate the meridians so as to relieve the stasis, the heat will be cleared when the stasis is dispersed. Regarding the real-cold and pseudo-heat caused by the floating of vigour, we need to break the Yin-cold, constrict and consolidate the vigour, the Yang Qi may return when the cold is eliminated and then the heat will be removed. If we apply the method of cooling down when there is heat symptoms, the vigour is damaged that lead to the transmitting of disease from mild to severe.

Key words: Immune System Diseases, Treatment Ideas

Writer: Ke Li


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