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Internal Medicine

The immune system diseases include rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, dermatomyositis, ankylosing spondylitis, etc which are the medical tough problems. We found that they can be healed during our medical practices. I passed on my ideas and knowledge to my students, they also healed many cases.

1.  Original qi weakness
It is realized in the medical practices that the patients who have immune system diseases had dysfunction of transportation in middle energizer before the occurrence of the diseases.
2. There is existing insidious pathogen
The improper treatment from west medicine doctors and/or the TCM doctors is the main pathogenesis.
3. The insidious pathogen results in the damage of healthy qi
The diseases is caused by the long-term “battle” between the healthy qi and pathogen, the healthy qi cannot conquer the pathogen. Consequently, the symptoms occur repeatedly and are not healed.
4. The healthy qi is damaged when it overcomes the pathogen
During the process of the “battle” between healthy qi and pathogen, if only the excessive pathogen is seen, we focus on the eliminating of pathogen or we use large amount of herbs with cold feature to relieve the symptoms, the pathogen exhausts healthy qi continuously and leads to the consumption of healthy qi and even the insufficiency of vigour, which results in the dangerous syndrome of floating of kidney-Yang. If the pathogen cannot be removed, the healthy qi cannot be promoted, it is necessary to constrict the vigour for the urgent cases, Si Ni Decoction, Po Ge Jiu Xin Decoction, Si Ni Jia Ren Shen Decoction, Yin Huo Decoction, Qian Yang Feng Sui Dan etc. Only after the lower energizer has been consolidated, and the vigour has been relocated, we could support body resistance, boost the healthy qi, and eliminate the pathogen alternately.

Key words: Immune System Diseases, Treatment Ideas

Writer: Ke Li


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