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Shang Han Lun

In “ Shang Han Lun” , cephal hidrosis  indicates that there is sweat on the head (forehead) but no sweat on other area. It is caused by lack of treatment and mistreatment. This symptom exists in three Yang meridians syndromes, and two or three meridians concurrent diseases or complication. The treatment is of peculiarity.
1. Insufficient of body fluid and heat steaming: using Zeng Ye Tang for treatment, which apply sweet and cold to nourish yin.
2. Retention and fumigation of damp-heat inside the body: using Yin Chen Hao Decoction for clearing heat and eliminate damp.
3. Water and heat stagnation in chest: using Da Xian Xiong Decoction to expel water-heat, unblock stagnation.
4. Functional activity of qi being not smooth: using Chai Hu Gui Zhi Gan Jiang Decoction for reconciliating Shao Yang, warming and dissolving water excessive fluid, dispersing excessive fluid and stagnation.
5. Slight accumulation of yang: using Xiao Chai Hu Decoction for reconciliating interior and exterior.
6. Heat blockage in chest: using Zhi Zi Chi Decoction to clear and disperse heat blockage.
7. Yin exhaustion and Yang floating: using Shen Fu Decoction to restoring yang and rescuing reverse.

Key words: Shang Han Lun, Cephal Hidrosis

Writer: Yingmei Ma
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Yi Long county, Sichuan province (637676)


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