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Traumatology and Orthopedics

Lumbar disc protrusion is mainly caused by heavy pressure on the spine, the wind-cold and dampness may also lead to this disease, a few cases are due to kidney insufficiency, lumbar muscle strain, which result in water-filled lumbar congestion, thus lead to lumbar disc protrusion.

Treatment method: 1. Massage: choose pressure pain points (Ashi points), maximum 4-5 points, besides, cupping on Huantiao (GB30 ), Chengfu (BL36), Weizhong (BL40) He-Sea Point, Lower Confluent Point, and Chengshan (BL57), remain the cupping for 1-2 minutes and remove. Use percussopunctator, and then apply cupping, remain the cupping for 3 minutes. There are some bleeding points after removing the cupping, which are for eliminating the stagnation, promoting Qi-blood circulation, balancing Yin and Yang.

2. Apply plaster: after removing the cupping, do not clean the blood, apply the self-build plaster (named “Wei Hu Plaster) on the cupping area, bind up using adhesive plaster, remain the plaster for minimum 3 days. The function of the plaster: strengthen tendons and bones, soft lump loosen knot, relieve swelling and stop pain, reinforce kidney and promote Du meridian. Pasting Wei Hu plaster is the key for treatment of lumbar disc protrusion.

3. Herbal decoction: Sang Zhi 15g, Mu Gua 10g, Xu Duan 10g, Du Zhong 10g, Huai Niu Xi 10g, Gou Ji 12g, Dang Gui 15g, Chuan Xiong 10g, Bai Shao 20g, Shu Di Huang 10g, ji Xue Teng 10g, Fu Ling 10g, Gan Cao 5g, the decoction can be modified according to the syndrome.

Key words: Acupoints Treatment, Lumbar disc protrusion

Writer: Pusheng Tan
Teacher Further Study School, Shu County, Hunan province (412300)


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