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Infectious Diseases

1. Heat Toxicity Blocking Lung
Main symptom: high fever, cough with yellow sputum, asthma and shorted breathing, or, palpitation and irritability, dark purple lips.
Tongue and tongue coating: red tongue, yellow-greasy or grey-greasy tongue coating, slippery-frequent pulse.
Treatment: clearing heat and reducing lung, relieving toxicity and dispersing stagnation
Basic prescription: toast Ma Huang 3g, Xing Ren 10g, raw Gan Cao 10g, raw Shi Gao (decoct before other herbs) 30g, Zhi Mu 10g, Zhe Bei Mu 10g, Jie Geng 15g, Huang Qin 15g, Chai Hu 15g
Modification: adding An Gong Niu Huang pills if the patients have high fever, coma and delirium; adding Ling Yang Jiao, Jiang Can, Di Long etc if there is twitch; adding Zhi Shi, Yuan Ming Fen if there is abdominal distension.

2. Intense Heat in both qi and Ying
Main symptom: high fever, thirsty, irritation, even coma and delirium, cough or hemoptysis, chest pressure, breath holding and shorted breath.
Tongue and pulse: red purple tongue with yellow coating, thready frequent pulse.
Treatment method: clearing qi cooling ying
Basic prescription: Shui Niu Jiao 30g, raw Di Huang, Chi Shao Yao 10g, Jin Yin Hua 15g, Dan Shen 12g, Mai Men Dong 10g, Zhu Ye 6g, Quan Gua Lou 30g, raw Shi Gao (decoct before other herbs) 30g, Zhi Zi 20g
Modification: adding raw Da Huang if there is constipation, adding Ling Yang Jiao powder if there is high fever and twitch in four limbs.

Key words: HINI, Chinese Herb

Source: Qi Huang TCM website


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