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Infectious Diseases

1. Wind-Heat Attacking Wei-energy
Main symptom: early stage of HINI disease, fever or no fever, soreness of the throat, slight cough and small amount of the sputum, no sweating.
Tongue and pulse: red tongue, thin tongue coating or thin-greasy tongue coating, floating-frequent pulse.
Treatment method: expelling wind and clearing heat
Basic prescription: Yin Hua 15g, Lian Qiao 15g, Sang Ye 10g, Ju Hua 10g, Jie Geng 10g, Niu Bang Zi 15g, Zhu Ye 6g, Lu Gen 30g, Bo He (decoct later) 3g, Raw Gan Cao 3g.
Modification: adding Huo Xiang, Pei Lan if there is thick and greasy tongue coating; adding Xing Ren, Pi Pa Ye if there is serious cough; adding Huang Lian, Mu Xiang if there is Diarrhea; adding Jin Deng Long if there is serious sore throat.

2. Heat Toxicity Attacking Lung
Main symptom: high fever, coughs, thick sputum and be difficult to spit out, thirsty and be willing to drink, sore throat, red eyes.
Tongue and pulse: red tongue, yellow tongue coating or greasy tongue coating, slippery-frequent pulse.
Treatment method: clearing lung and releasing toxicity
Basic prescription: Toast Ma Huang 3g, Xing Ren 10g, Raw Gan Cao 10g, Raw Shi Gao (decoct in advance) 30g, Zhi Mu 10g, Zhe Bei Mu 10g, Jie Geng 15g, Huang Qin 15g, Chai Hu 15g.
Modification: adding Raw Da Huang if there is constipation, adding Qing Hao, Dan Pi if there is continuing high fever.

Key words: Newest Treatment Program, HINI, Chinese medicine

Source: Qi Huang TCM website


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