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Semen non-liquefaction is the common reason for male sterility, which takes up around 10% of whole reasons. There are 49 patients, among them, 20 cases were found that their semen liquefaction takes more than one hour, 16 cases are more than 12 hours, 13 cases are more than 24 hours. 30 cases were found abnormal prostate.

Treatment method: patients should adjust their diet, life style and emotion, keep warm, avoid drinking, smoke and masturbation, wear loose underwear, take decoction that can promote the liquefaction. Decoction ingredients: Raw Di Huang 15g, prepared He Shou Wu 15g, Mai Dong 10g, Huai Niu Xi 15g, Yin Yang Huo 15g, Yi Yi Ren 30, Shan Zha 15g, Mai Ya 15g, Ju He 10g. 30 days are one treatment course.

Treatment result: the total effective rate is 87.7%.

Key words: Semen Non-Liquefaction, Chinese medicine treatment

Writer: Yongsheng Li
Family planning technical service department, Nei Xiang county, Henan province (474350)


semen non liquefecation
by ghaznawi
on Dec 15, 2014

hi ,this is my semen analysis result please guide me what should i do ,

quantity 3.5ml

colour: greyish

transperancy: opaque

viscosity: highe viscosity

time of liquification : >2 hours

total count: 80 million

rapid linear progression 30%

slow/non lin progression: 20%

non progressive : 50%

sperm morphology: 40%

head abnormality

large oval : 10%

small oval: 10%

tapering: 10%

pyriform: 5%

duplicate/double: 05%

mid piece abnormalities: 10%

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