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Traumatology and Orthopedics

Acute soft tissue injury is a common and frequently-occurring disease in clinic. It is caused by the joint, tendon and muscle injury due to the external impact of violence, strong oppression or drawing and sprain. The clinical symptoms include pain, blood stagnation, swelling, and dysfunction of the affected area. All the 120 cases are due to sprain, bruises, impact and other reasons which lead to the local swelling and pain. There are 15 cases of neck and shoulder injury, 88 cases of injury in the four limbs, 17 cases of injury in the back. Organ injury, blood vessel, nerve, ligament and tendon rupture, and skin damage are excepted for all the patients.

Treatment method: self-made Wei Fu No.1, the ingredients include Huang Bai 15g, Raw Zhi Zi 10g, Lian Qiao 10g, Da Huang 10g, Hong Hua 10g, Bai Zhi 10g. The dosage is made according to the rate above, all the herbs are grinded to power, adding Vaseline and making it as ointment. Pasting the ointment to the affected area and binding up, changing the dressing bandage every day.

Treatment result: the total effective rate is 100%.

Key words:  Acute soft tissue injury, external application

Writer: Houqiong Wu
TCM department of Xin Hua Hospital, Hubei Province (430015)


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