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External Medicine

According to theories of TCM, writer applies self-made Gu Shen Zhi Tuo Sheng Fa Tang with oral intake and Sheng Fa Ji with external use with principle to nourish yin, blood and benefit kidney. Treatment method: oral intake: Gu Shen Zhi Tuo Sheng Fa Tang. Ingredients: He Shou Wu 30g, Shu Di Huang 30g, Dang Gui 20g, Gou Qi Zi 20g, Nu Zhen Zi 20g, Wu Wei Zi 20g, Tu Si Zi 20g, Han Lian Cao 20g, Hei Zhi Ma 20g, Sheng Di Huang 20g etc, three months are one course. External use herbs: apply fresh ginger to rub affected area of alopecia of children, 2 to 3 times a day until skin turns to red color; mix prepared Chuan Wu 60g with vinegar 3 days then apply on affected area of alopecia of middle or old aged persons, 2 to 3 times a day. Result: in 36 cases, 27 cured after one course treatment, 1 cured after three course treatment, cured rate is 78%; 8 effective after one course treatment, effective rate is 22%.

Key words: alopecia, oral and external herbs

Writer: Zongxiang Ma
Center for Diseases Control and Prevention in Liangdang County, Gansu (742400)


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