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Traumatology and Orthopedics

For getting better result, writer applies eye acupuncture, ankle acupuncture, body acupuncture together to treat pain on low back and leg. The effect is good through clinical observation. Among 20 cases, there are 3 of acute lumbar sprain, 9 of protrution of lumbar discs, 6 of sciatic pain, 1 of narrow spinal canal, 1 of protrution of lumbar discs and narrow spinal canal. Treatment method: eye acupuncture: middle energizer, lower energizer, and kidney. Use middle energizer and lower energizer for only lumbago, lower energizer and kidney for only leg pain, middle energizer and lower energizer for pain on both of low back and leg. Use 20mm filiform needle, protect eye by left hand, hold needle by right hand, insert needle along border of orbit after orindary sterilization, rotate needle until have numbness and distention sensations. Ankle acupuncture: insert needle from down to up along skin without requirement of needling sensation. Body acupuncture: Jia Ji on low back, YaoYan, Huan Tiao (GB 30), Cheng Fu (BL 36), Wei Zhong (BL 40), Yang Ling Quan (GB 34), Cheng Shan (BL 57), Kun Lun (BL 60), strong needling sensation on each point, 30 minutes retaining of needle on every point, manipulate needles 1 to 2 times during retaining, 10 times are one treatment course. Result: 6 cured, 12 improved and 2 no effect. Treatment times are from 1 to 20 times.

Key Words: Low Back and Leg Pain, Three methods of Needling

Writer: Ping Guan
Community Health Service Centre in Youyi Street, Baoshan District, Shanghai (201900)


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