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Internal Medicine

There are totally 12 patients with 10 male and 2 female, all of them are paraplegia caused by traumatic injuries on spinal column, the ages are from 20 to 53, duration is from 3 days to 1 month, there are 1 case of injuries on cervical vertebra and 11 on lumbar vertebra. Treatment is from 1 to 6 months. Acupuncture method: points: main points locate on spinous process above and below the affected region. Accompanied points: Qu Chi (LI 11), Wai Guan (TE 5), Huan Tiao (GB 30), Wei Zhong (BL 40), Yang Ling Quan (GB 34), Kun Lun (BL 60). Use Shang Liao (BL 31), Ci Liao (BL 32), Zhong Liao (BL 33), Xia Liao (BL 34), San Yin Jiao (SP 6). Electro-acupucture: dense and loose wave for spasmatic paralysis; continuous wave for relaxed paralysis. 30 minutes every time. One day break after 10 days. Massage method: prone posture, acute stage: rolling method from up to down with five times on lower limbs specially on Huan Tiao (GB 30), Wei Zhong (BL 40), Tai Xi (KI 3), Yong Quan (KI 1); rotating method with close wise three times on hip, knee and ankle joints. Recovery stage: add rolling on Governor Vessel of back and lumbar region, five times on Bladder meridian from up to down, finger-pressing Fei Shu (BL 13), Pi Shu (BL 20), Gan Shu (BL 18), Shen Shu (BL 23) etc. result: total effective rate is 100%.

Key words: Paraplegia Caused by Traumatic Injuries, acupuncture, massage

Writer: Jian Hou
Acupuncture Department, Xiangtan TCM Hospital, Hunan (411228)


my wife is T4 parapalegic
by Doug Conn
on Jul 12, 2011

Would acupunture be good for my wife

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