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Chinese Massage

There are totally 118 patients from our hospital that are randomly divided into 58 on treatment group and 57 on control group. Treatment method: (1) acupuncture: prone posture, pillow below chest, needling to activate blood and eliminate stagnation, relax tendon and promote meridians, electricity on acupuncture, even method, points selection depend on CT or MRI tests and symptoms such as Jia Ji points, Da Zhui (GV 14) with 1-1.5 cun deep then needling sensation can radiate to shoulder and arm, Feng Chi (GB 20), Feng Fu (GV 16); add Jian Yu (LI 15), Shou San Li (LI 10), Wai Guan (TE 5) for numbness and weakness on upper limbs; add Da Chang Shu (BL 25), Huan Tiao (GB 30), Yang Ling Quan (GB 34), Zhi Bian (BL 54) for numbness and weakness on lower limbs; add Shang Xing (GV 23), Bai Hui (GV 20) for dizziness; combine with electricity, neck massage and traction. Control group: treat symptoms for improving blood circulation, dilating blood vessel, prompting water metabolism, nourishing nerves and physical therapy on neck such as venous transfusion of Fu Fang Dan Shen Injection, mannitol, ion-introductiontherapy with medium frequency. Compare results after 15 days treatment. Result: effect of treatment group is better than that of control group.

Key words: acupuncture and massage, traction, Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy (CSM)

Writer: Fang Liu
Recovery Department, Jiannan Hospital, Luzhou, Sichuan (646006)


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