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Internal Medicine

There are 83 patients from our hospital that are randomly divided into treatment group (by warming needle and herbs) and control group (only acupuncture). Treatment method: 43 cases on treatment group: warming needle: Zu Sanli (ST 36), insert 2-3cm moxa stick on the needle handle after arrival of qi, perform warming needle every other day, 10 times are one course, continue second course after two weeks break, meanwhile TDP lamp on the affected face. Herbs: Yu Ping Feng San, Dan Shen, Shui Zhi, Gui Zhi, sheng Huang Qi 20-30g, Bai Zhu 10g, Fang Feng 10g, Dan Shen 20-30g, Shui Zhi 3g (grind into powder), Gui Zhi 12g. Add Sheng Di Huang, Nu Zhen Zi, Mai Dong for yin deficiency; add Dang Gui, Gou Ji Zi, ji Xue Teng for blood deficiency; add jiang Ban Xia, Dan Nan Xing, Bai Jie Zi for retention of phlegm. 40 cases on control group: only acupuncture treatment, method is same with that in treatment group, the difference is that needle is retained after arrival of qi, manipulate once every 5 minutes, withdraw needle after 30 minutes. Result: total effective rate in treatment group is 95%; that in control group is 77.5%.

Key words: warming needle, Zusanli (ST36) He-Sea Point, herbs, Stubborn Facial Paralysis

Writer: Guoqiao Yu
Acupuncture Department in Weishan Area, People's Hospital, Dongyang, Zhejiang (322109)


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