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External Medicine

24 cases feel pain caused by cancer bone metastases with diagnosis by ultra B sonic, CT scan or MRI. 8 lung, 6 nose and throat, 5 breasts, 5 esophagus. Treatment method: modification of Yang He Tang: Shu Di Huang 30g, Rou Gui 5g, Ma Huang 4g, Lu Jiao Shuang 30g, Bai Jie Zi 12g, Jiang Tan 10g, Gu Sui Bu 30g, Gou Ji 15g, Huang Qi 30g, Rou Cong Rong 15g, zhi Da Huang 15g, Sheng Gan Cao 5g. Family used Ba Du Zhi Tong Gao: Wu Gong, Ban Mao, Ma Qian Zi, Ru Xiang, Mo Yao, Da Huang, Sheng Di Huang, Ruo Mi etc. Grind sheng Di Huang, cooked Ruo Mi and mix with others to make powder then paste. All of patients take Yang He Tang with modification. Metastases to chest bone: add Gua Luo, Zhi Ke; to ribs: add Yan Hu Suo, Jiang Huang, Yu Jin; to scapula: add Ge Gen, Qiang Huo; to lumbar vertebra: add Du Zhong, Xu Duan; to hips and femur: add Huai Niu Xi, Bu Gu Zhi. Result: after oral intake and external use, pain can be relieved after 4 to 12 hours, pain on 4 cases is disappeared (16.7%), 12 obviously improved (50%), 8 improved (33.3%), total effective rate is 100%.

Key words: Yang He Tang, Ba Du Zhi Tong Paste, External Use, Cancer Bone Metastases

Writer: Zhengfang Lin
TCM Department, Liancheng County Hospital, Zhejiang (366200)


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