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Infectious Diseases

40 cases of gonococcal urethritis have symptoms of obvious impotence, premature ejaculation, seminal emission, burning sensation in urinary tract, uncomfortable sensation on external genitalia, difficult urination, soreness on low back, insomnia, night sweating. Ages of patients are from 24 to 61 years with average of 39, the diseases last 2.5 months to 7 years. Treatment method: treatment principles: strengthen anti-pathogenic qi and eliminate pathogenic factors, nourish kidney yin, remove stagnation and benefit orifices, balance yin and yang. Formula is mainly Tiao Yuan Shen Qi Wan, ingredients have Sheng Di Huang 24g, Shan Zhu Yu 12g, Shan Yao 12g, Tu Fu Ling 12g, Ze Xie 12g, Mu Dan Pi 12g, Mai Dong 10g, Hong Shen 10g, Dang Gui 12g, Long Gu 10g, Di Gu Pi 10g, Zhi Mu 10g, Huang Bai 9g, Sha Ren 6g, Mu Xiang 6g, Lu Jiao Jiao 15g. Modification: add Chuan Niu Xi 12g, Hua Shi 18g for difficult urination; add Xu Duan 15g for soreness on low back; add Wu Wei Zi for insomnia; add Gui Jia 12g for night sweating. Make observation after one month treatment. Result: 23 cured (all symptoms disappear, sexual activities become normal, not repeatedly happened after half year)  57%, 15 improved ( symptoms almost disappear, sexual activities almost normal )  37%, 2 no effect.

Key words: Tiao Yuan Shen Qi Wan, Sequela of Male gonococcal Urethritis

Writer: Zhonghua Zhou
Sichang TCM Hospital, Sichuan (615000)


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