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External Medicine

Writer applies self-made Li Niao Pai Shi Tang to treat 84 cases of urinary stones including 45 cases of urinary tract stones, 21 cases of kidney stones, 7 cases of urinary bladder stones, 11 cases of mixture of kidney and urinary tract stones, accompanied with 13 cases of urinary infection, 35 cases of different degrees of hydronephrosis, pyelocaliectasis. Diseases last 1 day to 21 years, 10 cases after surgery, diameter of stones are from 1-8cm including 20 cases stone diameter more than 1cm. Ingredients of Li Niao Pai Shi Tang: Jin Qian Cao 30g, Hai Jin Sha 30g, Hua Shi 30g, Shi Wei 20g, Bai Shao 30g, Mu Tong 10g, Che Qian Zi 30g, Dong Kui Zi 30g, Gan Cao 6g, Zhi Qiao 30g, Yi Mu Cao 30g, Niu Xi 15g, Ze Lan 15g, Yu Jin 15g. Drink water as more as possible every day so that the urination maintains 2000ml a day, more walking and more jumping, 20 days treatment is one course, take antibiotic if there is infection, take progesterone to stop pain and relieve spasm.
Result: after one to three treatment courses 51 cases cured, 21 obviously effective, 8 effective, 4 no effect, total effective rate is 95.2%, stones on no effect are large with 1.2 ~ 1.8cm.

Key words: Self-made Li Niao Pai Shi Tang, Urinary Stones

Writer: Canzhong Luo, Zhengchan Xiong
Neijiang Medical Insurance Center, Sichuan (641000)
Surgical Department, Neijiang TCM Hospital, Sichuan


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