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Infectious Diseases

Shen Dan was prescription written by Zhang Zhongjing and kept by Sun Simiao, its ingredients are Fu Zi, Wu Tou, Ren Shen, Ban Xia, Fu Ling and Zhu Sha. There is no one herb to promote sweating, indications are invasion of cold, fever, body pain. In past 20 years, we make Shen Dan Modification Tang (remove Zhu Sha that is for antiseptic), modification is due to clinical differentiation. It is used to treat wind, dampness and heat; rheumatic arthritis; cardiac diseases; pulmonary cardiac diseases; chronic refractory heart failure; hyperosteogeny arthritis; AS; psoriasis; leukoderma etc and we obtain good effect. Especially treatment of hepatitis B is effective.
1: Cold and dampness syndrome: warm up liver yang to strengthen fire of vital gate for expelling pathogenic factors. Ingredients: zhi Fu Zi ( decoct at first ) 15g, zhi Fu Zi ( decoct at first ) 15g, Hong Shen 10g, sheng Huang Qi 50g, jiang Ban Xia 12g, Fu Ling 18g, Qing Long Pi 18g, Han Gu Zi 18g, Qi Zhua Long 18g, Xue Lian Gen 18g, Dan Shen 18g, sheng Da Huang ( decoct later ) 15g, sheng Gan Cao 10g.
2: Liver qi stagnation: add Xiao Yao San.
3: Qi and blood stagnation: add Dang Gui Bu Xue Tang, San Leng, Er Zhu, Tao Ren.
4: Liver and kidney deficiency: add Liu Wei Di Huang Tang; Bi syndrome caused by dampness: add Yang He Tang.
Symptoms modification: add Yu Jin, Chuan Lian Zi for costal pain; add Xie Bai, Xi Xin for chest pain or slow cardiac beats; add Wu Yao, Yan Hu Suo for upper perversion of stomach qi, abdominal distention and pain; add Zhu Ling, Mu Gua for edema; add Gui Ban, Bie Jia, Chuan Sha Jia for enlargement of liver and spleen; add Shui Zhi, Mang Chong for spider angioma, Chloasma, psoriasis and leukoderma etc.

Key words: Shen Dan, Chronic Hepatitis B, Clinical Observation

Writer: Zhenhu Li, Fan Li, Jiang Hu
Xi’an Tongji Hospital attached to Beijing Tongji Hospital Group (710061)
Diseases Control Center in Yanta District, Xi’an, Shanxi
No. 10 People’s Hospital, Xi’an, Shanxi


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