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All of cases accord with standard of diagnosis of depression except organic mental disturbance, drug or alcohol dependence, severe suicidal tendencies. We apply Chai Hu Shu Gan San modification to regulate liver qi, activate blood and stop pain, ingredients: Chai Hu 12g, Bai Shao 10g, Zhi Ke 10g, Gan Cao 6g, Xiang Fu 10g, Chuan Xiong 12g, Chen Pi 6g, Yu Jin 12g, Bai Zhu 10g, Fu Ling 10g. Modification according to differentiation: add Suan Zao Ren 20g, Sheng Long Gu 30g + Mu Li 30g ( decoct at first ), Yuan Zhi 10g for palpitation, easily frightened and insomnia; add Chen Pi 15g, Ban Xia 10g for nausea and poor appetite; add Xuan Fu Hua ( separated packaged ) 10g, Dai Zhe Shi 15g ( decoct at first ), Fo Shou 10g, Mai Ya 15g, Shen Qu 10g for fullness on the chest, belching, food retention and abdominal distention; add Hong Hua 10g, Dang Gui 10g, Tao Ren 10g for irregular menstruation, amenorrhea. Psychotherapy: mainly cognitive therapy and supportive psychotherapy. Result: 20 cases cured; 9 obviously improved; 5 improved and 1 no effect.

Key words: Modification on Chai Hu Shu Gan San, Psychotherapy, Depression

Writer: Zhijun Wei
Psychological Clinic, People's Hospital, Linfen, Shanxi (041000)


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