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Traumatology and Orthopedics

We select 72 cases of osteoporosis after endocrine treatment for breast cancer, treat 36 by regulating liver qi and benefiting kidney to strengthen bone, compare with 36 in control group with oral calcium. Ingredients in treatment group: Yu Jin 12g, Ba Yue Zha 15g, Bai Hua She She Cao 30g, Ban Zhi Lian 15g, Tou Gu Cao 15g, Mu Gua 12g, Quan Xie 6g, Xu Duan 15g, Huai Niu Xi 15g, Yan Hu Suo 15g. Control group uses oral calcium with 60mg every tablet and once a day. Three months are one treatment course. Observation indexes include BMD measurement, grading of symptoms and TCM syndromes, grading of disease degrees, changes of biochemistry indexes of blood metabolism. Result: in 36 cases of treatment group: 4 cured; 6 obviously effective; 23 effective; 3 no effect; 36 in control group: 2 cured, 3 obviously effective; 20 effective; 11 no effect.

Key words: Benefiting kidney and Regulating Liver, after endocrine treatment for Breast Cancer, Osteoporosis

Writer: Weihong Yang, Qinghua Yao, Yong Guo
Cancer Department, No.1 Hospital attached to Zhejiang TCM University (310006)


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