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Internal Medicine

All of patients are randomly divided into two groups, feel abnormal sensation on the end of extremities (numbness, pricking, burning or dull sensations), worse at night or winter. Examination of nerve system: knee and tendon reflex obviously decrease or disappear; pain, warming and vibrating sensations decrease or disappear; myoelectricity shows that transmission of sensory and motor nerves becomes slow. Peripheral nerve diseases are only caused by diabetes. Treatment method: diet therapy, suitable physical exercise, intake of OHA or hypodermic injection of insulin for controlling blood sugar. Treatment group: 36 patients, Huang Qi 12g, Xuan Shen 10g, Gui Zhi 9g, Shao Yao 6g, Dang Gui 6g, Di Long 3g, Sheng Jiang 12g, Da Zao 4 pieces, water decoction. Control group: mecobalamin injection 500μg with muscular injection, once a day, 15 days are one course, take evaluation after three courses. Result: total effective rate in treatment group is 86.8%; that of control group is 63.9%. Two groups have significant difference.

Key words: Huo Xue Tong Luo Tang, herbs, Peripheral Nerve Diseases of Diabetes

Writer: Yin Mao, Junxia Liu
Hospital in Northwestern Polytechnical University, No.127, Youyixilu, Xian, Shanxi (710072)


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