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Internal Medicine

All of patients are in inner-patient department of our hospital; there are totally 300 patients that are randomly divided into two groups. Treatment group has 150 patients and control group 150 patients. Treatment methods: both groups are treated with regular methods including dehydration to lower intracranial pressure, reduce cerebral edema, CCB, platelet aggregation inhibitor, clear radical, neurotrophy, acupuncture and moxibustion. Treatment group adds Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang with ingredients Huang Qi 60g, Dang Gui 15g, Chuan Xiong 12g, Tao Ren 12g, Hong Hua 12g, Di Long 12g, Chi Shao Yao 15g, Dan Shen 30g, Quan Xie 12g, add Dang Shen for qi deficiency; Shi Chang Pu, Yu Jin, Yuan Zhi for aphasia; Mu Gua, Fang Ji to relax tendons for numbness; Gui Zhi, Sang Zhi to promote collaterals for paralysis of arms; Xu Duan, Sang Ji Sheng, Du Zhong, Niu Xi to strengthen tendon and bone for paralysis of legs; Shui Zhi, ji Xue Teng for blood stagnation etc. Results: total effective rate of treatment group is 95.3%; of control group is 80.0%.

Key words: Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang, acute stage of cerebral infarction, clinical observation

Writer: Bin Huang, Xinxia Cai, Haibin Fan, Jiajun Liu
Shiyan TCM Hospital, Hubei (442012)


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