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Various Theory

The circular motion of cold excess syndrome in taiyin or shaoyin diseases is manifested still a solid performance for the axis, the convergence of qi is ok, but the four-dimensional ascending and descending, sinking and floating all have resistance.   At this time, Si Ni Tang will be the first choice of the treatment. Cold water syndrome in shaoyin diseases can be treated by Bai Zhu and Fu Zi prescriptions. Using Bai Zhu defend central earth, solid circular center, and then using Fu Zi for outward tension. Two of them are dispensable. The circular motion of deficiency cold syndrome in jueyin diseases is manifested a loose axis, and it has become a general tend. Not only the internal force is deviated from the center of the circle, but also itself cannot be held well inside, cannot be concentrated in one point but outward diffusion.          

The circular motion of essence deficiency in jueyin diseases is further aggravate of loose axis, the dispersed qi locates on the surrounding circle. Some fortunate patients, after essence deficiency syndrome, will enter into yin deficiency or qi deficiency stages. At the qi deficiency stage, the little remained primary qi stays in the central earth (the small circle) to carry out the circular motion. The inside center is no longer concentrated at one point. The primary qi is very reluctant to take into account the functioning of four-dimensional.

The good health is not whether you can rise up the primary qi or not, it depends on whether you can hold and restore, also make the primary qi descending or not.

Key words: Circular Motion, Analysis, Three Yin Diseases

Writer: Yan Zhuang
Datian County TCM Hospital in Fujian Province (366100)


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