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Internal Medicine

Zhonglin Fan (1895-1989) is modern famous doctor of TCM in Sichuan province, he has rich experience for clinical application of Gan Jiang and Fu Zi on the theory of supporting yang.
1. Wide application of Gan Jiang and Fu Zi to strengthen Yang Qi
Because Zhonglin Fan thinks Yang Qi is so important, he has his own personal experience to apply Gan Jiang and Fu Zi. Fu Zi dosage is from 30g to 60g or 120g even more. There are more opportunities to apply Jiang including Sheng Jiang, Pao Jiang and Gan Jiang that may combine with Fu Zi or other herbs. In Shaoyin cold syndrome, we want to use Si Ni Tang to eliminate yin and recapture yang, but long  time decoction of Fu Zi may lose the chance of recapturing, so we apply Gan Cao Gan Jiang Tang to reinforce and restore yang in the chest, then gain time for Si Ni Tang application.
2. Wide application of Si Ni Tang for various kinds of diseases
In Treatise on Febrile Diseases, Si Ni Tang is main prescription to recapture yang, but it can be widely used for diseases caused by yang deficiency and yin excess. In general, the some variable and perishing syndromes of three yang diseases, as well as the deficiency-cold syndrome of three yin diseases all can be treated by Si Ni Tang according to the condition.

Key words: Clinical Application, Gan Jiang, Fu Zi, Supporting Yang, famous doctors of TCM

Writer: Wenlu Fu
Zhumadian TCM Hospital in Henan Province


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