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Internal Medicine

CVA is also called hidden asthma that is one special type of asthma, the main symptoms are dry cough, scanty sputum, itching sensation in the throat, even fullness in the chest, asthma etc with characteristics of prolonged, difficult treated and easily repeatedly happened. Prescription ingredients: Ma Huang 10g, Pi Pa Ye 10g, Xin Ren 10g, Zi Yuan 10g, Zi Su Zi 6g, Chan Tui 6g, Di Long 15g, Jiang Can 10g, Jin Jie 10g, Fang Feng 10g, Qian Hu 10g, Gan Cao 6g, Wu Wei Zi 10g. Add Ban Xia 10g, Xi Xin 3g, Sheng Jiang 10g for long cough with white and frothy sputum; add Sha Shen 12g, Mai Dong 15g, Yu Zhu 10g for dry mouth and lip; add Zhi Qiao 10g, Hou Po 10g, Gua Lou Pi 15g for fullness on the chest.

Key words: herbal medicine treatment, Cough Variant Asthma (CVA)

Writer: Li Wang, Rina Wu, Xiangye Guo
Baotou Central Hospital in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region


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