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Internal Medicine

Cough, chest pain and hemoptysis are three main symptoms of lung cancer. When lung cancer with late stage attacks pleura and ribs, severe chest pain becomes first complain of patient. 20 patients in this group suffer from both qi and yin deficiency with symptoms of chest pain, cough, scanty sputum or bloody sputum, even hemopysis, shortness of breathing, dry mough, sweating, lassitude etc, red and dry tongue without coating, sublingual varices, superficial, wiry, thready and rapid pulse. Treatment principle: to benefit qi, nourish yin, clear heat, eliminate stagnation and stop pain. Ingredients: raw Di Huang, prepared Gui Ban, Prepared Bie Jia, Huang Bai, Zhi Mu, Gua Lou, prepared Chuan Shan Jia, Yan Hu Suo, Tu Bie Chong, Er Zhu, Chi Shao, prepared Ru Xiang, prepared Mo Yao, Tai Zhi Shen, Xi Yang Shen. One piece a day and 15 days are one treatment course. Radial and chemical therapies are not taken during herbal treatment. Result: after taking herbs 5 to 10 days, diseases on six patients are from grade II to grade 0 without combination with anodyne and totally relieved. Diseases on eight patients are changed to grade 1, pain can be totaled disappeared with combination of pain and fever reliever, diseases on six patients are from grade III to grade II with occasionally tramadol to stop pain, all patients in group stop use of dolantin. Effective time to stop pain: pain on six cases are obviously relieved after 5 pieces; on the other fourteen cases are effective after 6 pieces, the longest day to totally relieve pain is 20 days.

Key Words: Chinese herbs, lung cancer, chest pain

Writer: Liming Huang, Jinghua Huang
No. 3 Hospital in Shangrao, Shanxi Province (334000)
Branch of Shanxi Medical College in Shangrao


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