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External Medicine

Urinary system calculi can be treated by the method of clearing and drainaging bladder damp-heat, soothing liver and regulating qi, reinforcing kidney qi. The ingredients of Jin Xu Mai Tang: Jin Qian Cao 30g, Ji Nei Jin 15g, Bian Xu 12g, Qu Mai 12g, Hai Jin Sha ( decoct with bag separately) 15g, Hua Shi 15g, Mu Tong 7g, Chuan Lian Zi 12g, Yan Hu Suo 12g, Ru Xiang 7g, Chuan Niu Xi 12g, Wang Bu Liu Xing 12g, raw Huang Qin 12g, Fu Ling 12g. The meaning of the prescription: Jin Qian Cao can clear gall bladder and promote urine, resolve stone and drain stone, it is the main herb; accompany with Ji Nei Jin to resolve accumulation and stone; Bian Xu, Qu Mai, Fu Ling could drain water and stranguria; Hai Jin Sha can resolve stone, clear heat and cool blood; Mu Tong may drain water and lower down fire; Hua Shi can clear heat and expel dampness, drain stranguria and promote orifice; Niu Xi, Ru Xiang, Wang Bu Liu Xing may promote the function of drainage, in order to drain stone; Chuan Lian Zi, Yan Hu Suo can sooth liver and regulate qi to stop pain, smooth of activities of qi may push the stone to be lower down; raw Huang Qi can promote qi and activate water, as well as has the elevation function, ascending before descending. Raw Huang Qi combines with herbs with function of drain stranguria, the former ascend and the latter descend, it focus on drainage so as to help the stone drainage activity.

Key words: Self-built Er Jin Xu Mai Tang, herbal treatment, Urinary System Calculi

Writer: Yongan Xiong, Huirun Huang
Bai Yun district No.1 people’s hospital, Guiyang city, Guizhou province (550014)


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