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Chinese Medicine Beauty

We use Qu Ban Rong Yan Tang for the treatment of 120 cases of Chloasma Faciei. All the patients are female, among them, there are 28 cases of menoxenia or dysmenorrheal, 21 cases of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, 5 cases of diabetes, 3 cases of disease of thyroid, 10 cases of liver disease, 6 cases of chronic Breast Diseases. Qu Ban Rong Yan Tang ingredients: ji Xue Teng 20g, Dan Shen 15g, Dang Gui 15g, Yi Mu Cao 15g, Gou Qi Zi 10g, Bai Ji Li 30g, Bai Zhi 9g, Da Huang 5g, Di Long 10g, Zhen Zhu Mu 20g, Hong Hua 9g, Mu Dan Pi 10g, Fu Ling 10g, Shan Zha 15g, Mei Gui Hua 9g. Modification according to syndrome. 20 days are one course, 2-4 courses are needed, 10 days break between every two courses.
Treatment result: the total effective rate is 93.3%.

Key words: Qu Ban Rong Yan Tang, Treatment, Chloasma Faciei

Writer: Yongxing Chen
Jin Chun county Xiang Qiao hospital, Hubei province (435300)


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