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Small Intestine Meridian

Regional Anatomy:
Skin-subcutaneous tissue-root of nail.
There are the dorsal digital branches of the proper palmar digital nerve of the ulnar nerve and the anteriovenous network formed by the dorsal digital branches of the ulnar palmar arteries and veins of the little finger in this area.

Make a loose fist with the facing palm downwards and the little finger extended; at the meeting point of the line passing along the ulnar border and along the base of the nail of little
Promoting resuscitation clearing away the heat and relieving sore-throat, and promoting lactation.

Headache, febrile diseases loss of consciousness, insufficient lactation, sore throat, redness of the eye, and cloudiness of the cornea.

Combined use with TaiyangEXHN5 (EX-HN5) for treatment of hemicrania; with RugenST18 (Rugen (ST18)) for treatment of galactozemia; with JingmingBL1 (Jingming (BL1)) for treatment of acute conjunctivitis; with FuliuKI7 (Fuliu(KI7) Jing-River Point) and KunlunBL60 (Kunlun (BL60) Jing-River Point) for treatment of malaria; and with XinshuBL15 ( Xinshu (BL15)) and KufangST14 (Kufang (ST14)) for treatment of cough; with ShaozeSI1 (Shaoze (SI1) Jing-Well Point) and TaiyangEXHN5 (EX-HN5) for treatment of breast swelling.

Insert the needle perpendicularly 0.1 cun deep or pricking with three-edged needle to let blood out ; needling response: local sensation of soreness and distension; moxibustion: using 1-3 moxa-cones, mild moxibustion for 10 min.


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