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There are 28 cases of herpes simplex keratitis, all of them are monocular, among which, there are 18 cases of dendritic keratitis, 7 cases of map-like keratitis, 3 cases of discal keratitis. All the cases in this group use west medicine eyedrops, oral taking Chinese medicine. (1) For the 18 cases of wind-heat type dendritic keratitis: in the early period, nephelium occurs in the black part of eye, after some time, the nephelium connect together, wind-heat syndrome is always combined with nephelium. The symptoms: aversion to light, tearing, headache, bitter taste and dry throat, oliguria with reddish urine, red tongue with a little coating or yellow coating, floating and rapid pulse. Giving Yin Hua Fu Ming Tang: Jin Yin Hua, Pu Gong Ying, Mi Sang Pi, Tian Hua Fen, Huang Qin, Huang Lian, Long Dan Cao, raw Di Huang, Zhi Mu, Da Huang, Zhi Zi, Mu Tong, Man Jing Zi, Zhi Ke, Gan Cao. (2) Liver-stomach excessive type 7 cases (map-like): eyelids red swelling, red white part of eyes, arborization nephelium in black part of eyes can have confluent or ulceration, generally combines with headache, bitter taste, aversion . to light, tearing, oliguria with reddish urine, constipation, red tongue with yellow dry coating, wiry pulse or bounding pulse, it belongs to excessive liver fire, we should soothing liver, clearing stomach heat, use Long Dan Xie Gan Tang with modification: Long Dan Cao, Huang Qin, Zhi Zi, Ze Xie, Mu Tong, Che Qian Zi, Dang Gui, Chai Hu, raw Di Huang, Ju Hua, Man Jing Zi, Gan Cao. (3) Fluid deficiency type, 3 cases (discal keratitis): the disease history is long or repeatedly attack, there is hoariness nephelium in the middle of pupil or on the border of pupil, the surface is smooth without ulcers, the scope gradually grows, dry sensation of eyes, unclear eyesight, dry nose and throat, dark tongue with a little dry coating, thready rapid pulse, this symptom is discal keratitis, or repeated dendritic keratitis, map-like keratitis with ulcers, we should nourish yin and blood in order to relieve nephelium. Using Qing Re Yang Yin Tang with modification: raw Di Huang, Dang Gui, Bai Shao Yao, Zhi Mu, Sha Shen, Mai Dong, Bai Ji Li, Chan Tui, Huang Qi, Gou Qi Zi, Fang Feng, Zhi Ke, Long Dan Cao, Gan Cao.

Result: healing rate is 89%, effective rate is 96%, the effect for wind-heat type is best.

Key words: Herpes Simplex Keratitis, Chinese medicine

Writer: Huandi Zhang
Cong Min hospital, Chang Zi County, Shan Xi Province (046600)


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