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External Medicine

Because of the influence of stimulation from abdominal operation and anaesthetic, gastric motility is restrained, the gas, liquid and food in the stomach-intestinal system are obstructed, intestinal distention occurs due to intestinal tract dysfunction. There are 65 cases in this group which are randomly divided into treatment group (33 cases) and contrast group (32 cases). Treatment method: as for treatment group: San Ren Tang with modification: Yi Yi Ren 20g, Xing Ren 15g, Bai Dou Kuo 15g, Hua Shi 25g, Zhi Ban Xia 10g, Hou Pu 15g, Mu Tong 10g, Chi Shao 15g, Zhi Shi 15g, raw Da Huang 10g (decoct later), Shan Zha 30g, decocting with 300ml water after 12-24 hours of operation, the decoction should be taken via 3 times. Contrast group: giving continuous gastrointestinal decompression until the recovery of bowel movement, the patients can start the anal exhaust.
Result: the total effective rates are 96.97% and 78.16% in treatment group and contrast group respectively.

Key words: San Ren Tang with Modification, treatment, Postoperative Abdominal Distention

Writer: Hongcheng Xiong
Tong Jiang county TCM hospital, Si Chuan province (636700)


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