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Chronic tonsillitis results from the recurrent attacks of acute tonsillitis due to halfway treatment. It is the commonly encountered disease of children. All the 157 cases are outpatients who were randomly divided into treatment group and contrast group. There are 127 cases in treatment group and 30 cases in contrast group. Treatment method: as for treatment group: the ingredients of the prescription: Bing Pian, Xuan Shen, Da Huang, Chi Shao Yao, prepared Ru Xiang, prepared Mo Yao with appropriate dosage, all the herbs are grinded into powder and put into small bottle. Washing both Tianrong (SI17) with physiological saline, mixing the herbs powder with yellow wine, pasting it on 2cm×2cm adhesive plaster, the herbal paste is around 1cm×1cm size, scattering some blowing agent, pasting the plaster on SI17 when the skin becomes dry, taking it off after 4 hours, the infected area becomes red and has some vesicle with size as large as soybean, removing the scab after 1-2 days, pasting again after the skin heal in 7 days, 4 days are one course, oral taking herbal decoction if the disease condition becomes severe. As to contrast group, oral taking herbs according to the syndrome differentiation, 3 decoctions per week, 1 month is one course. Treatment result: the total effective rates are 96.85% and 56.67% in treatment group and contrast group.

Key words: Points Pasting, Bing Yuan San, treatment, Children’s Chronic Tonsillitis

Writer: Peijun Guo
TCM department, Shou Yang county women and children’s hospital, Shanxi province (045400)


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