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Gynecology and Obstetrics

Pelvic congestion syndrome is the female genital diseases caused by chronic pelvic venous stasis. It generally occurs after early marriage, early motherhood, fertility, uterus posterior, habitual constipation and secondary tubal ligation, delivery, obstructed labor, abortion, induced abortion, placement of IUD. Its clinical symptoms include lower abdominal falling-distention pain, lumbosacral pain, menorrhagia, leucorrhea etc. Gynecological examination shows cervical hypertrophy, soft, purple blue color; uterine body increase, soft and posterior position; for some cases, thickening soft sensation can be touched in the uterine adnexa, a few cases have pressing pain above pubic symphysis area, atypical deep pressing pain in both sides of lower abdomen. Pelvic congestion syndrome is a chronic gynecological disease. The basic pathogenesis is “blood stagnation”. Based on Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang prescription, adding Xiang Fu, San Leng, E Zhu, Xue Xie, San Qi Fen, Ru Xiang Mo Yao if there is Qi stasis and blood stagnation; eliminating Zhi Shi, Jie Geng, Niu Xi, adding Dang Shen, Sheng Ma, Huang Qi, Ma Bian Cao, Ze Lan if there is Qi weakness and blood stagnation; adding roast Fu Zi, roast Sheng Jiang, Rou Gui, Xi Xin if there is cold obstruction and blood stagnation; eliminating Chai Hu, Zhi Shi, Jie Geng, Chuan Xiong, raw Di Huang, Bai Shao Yao, combining with Si Miao Yong An Tang, adding Bi Xie, Tian Ji Huang, Ma Bian Cao, Yi Yi Ren if there is damp-heat obstruction. Oral taking method: taking Da Huang Zhe Chong Wan generally, 1 pill each time, Gui Zhi Fu Ling capsule, 3 capsules per time, both Chinese patent medicine should be taken, 1 time in the morning and evening respectively. 2-7 days before menstruation or when the pain occurs severely, taking herbal decoction in terms of the symptoms.

Key words: TCM, Treatment, Pelvic Congestion Syndrome, Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang

Writer: Huilan Wang, Min Liu
Du Jiang Yan city TCM hospital, Sichuan province (611830)


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