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Acupuncture Clinic Management

1. Diligence: to work hard, all the great doctors are diligent.
2. Conversance: be careful, be (well) versed. Learning medicine must keep improving, the great doctors concern more in this area.
3. Pure-heartedness: sincerity. From time immemorial, all the great doctors have “three sincerities”, which are: number one, sincere to medical career; number two, be wholehearted to patients; number three, be honest to craft brother.

Key words: great doctor, Insight, Necessary

Writer: Jiaqiang Han
Gu Zhen county TCM hospital, Anhui province (233700)


new time - new doctors
by glenn
on Mar 08, 2012

almost by Orwell

2012 - Can you separate the businessman from the doctor? No.

They are become the Butchers with the look at the patient as the Butch looks at the cow.

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