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Internal Medicine

These 155 cases of insomnia are divided into treatment group (80 cases) and control group (75 cases). Clinical manifestation: no any brain organic mental disorders and mental disorders caused by organism; complete insight, initiative seeking medical advice. It is manifested primary insomnia (difficult in falling into sleep), middle insomnia (sallow sleeping, easy awakening) and final insomnia (early awakening), dreaminess, no sleeping sense, unsteady after wake up,. Treatment: Suan Zao Ren 10g, Bai Zi Ren 10g, prepared Di Huang 15g, raw Di Huang 15g, Dang Shen 15g, Long Yan Rou 15g, Yuan Zhi 5g, Lian Zi Xin 5g, Zhi Mu 10g, Mai Dong 10g, Ye Jiao Teng 30g, He Huan Pi 30g, Long Gu 20g and Mu Li 20g. for dizziness, Chuan Xiong 5g, Shi Jue Ming 30g and Ju Hua 10g are added; for fatigue, Huang Jing15g and Yu Rong 15g are added. In control group, ataractics 2.5~5mg or estazolam 1~2mg is applied, 3 times a day. The results for 5 weeks treatment: the total effect is 96.6% in treatment group, 89.3% in control group.

Key words: Mei Xiang Tang, Traditional Chinese medicine treatment, insomnia

Writer: Wangzhi Feng
Demobilized military personnel hospital, Yangjiang, Guangdong province (529500)


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