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Internal Medicine

In this group, 72 cases have been observed. The clinical manifestations are distension and pain of gastric cavity, or involving in flank or rib, hiccup, belching, poor appetite, fatigue, abdominal distension, loose stool, or stool disorder, pale tongue with white coating, slow and weak, or thready pulse. Treatments: main formula: Dang Shen, Huang Qi, fried Bai Zhu, Fu Ling, Chai Hu, Chen Pi, Sha Ren, fried Yan Hu Suo, Chuan Lian Zi, fried Bai Zhu, Dang Gui, Xiang Fu, Hou Pu, prepared Shen Qu, prepared Shan Zha, fried Mai Ya, Ji Nei Jin and prepared Gan Cao. For acid regurgitation, Wu Zei Gu and Wa Leng Zi are added; for server epigastric pain, Gao Liang Jiang, Rou Gui and Fu Zi are added; for hiccup and belching, Xuan Fu Hua and Zhe Shi are added; for loose stool, Bu Gu Zhi, Rou Dou Kou and Shan Yao are added; for dry mouth, red tongue with scanty coating, Shi Hu, Sha Shen and Mai Dong are added; for insomnia, Suan Zao Ren and Ye Jiao Teng are added; for depressed chest, Jiu Bai and Gua Lou Pi are added. 20 days are made one course, and 1-2 courses are commonly applied. Curative effect: the total effect is 95.8%.

Key words: dispersing stagnated liver qi, strengthening spleen and harmonizing the stomach, Traditional Chinese medicine, epigastric pain

Writer: Qiuhui Liu
Inner Mongolia autonomous region hospital (010017)


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