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Liu Wei Di Huang Wan has the function of nourishing yin and reinforcing kidney, it can mainly treat liver-kidney deficiency, dizziness and deaf, dry and unsmooth of eyes, poor eyesight and diabetes, hypertension etc syndrome. We used this prescription with modification to treat cataract and got good effect, the primary disease are as following:
(1) Central serous chorioretinopathy
(2) Intraocular optic neuritis
(3) Central retinal vein occlusion

Since the cataract is mainly caused by liver-kidney deficiency, qi and blood deficiency, yin deficiency and excessive fire result in bleeding due to blood-heat. Liver-kidney deficiency, yin essence could not nourish eyes, therefore, the eyesight decrease, fundus edema and bleeding etc. Thus, we should replenish essence and nourish yin and water so as to make kidney essence to nourish eyes continually, then, the eyesight would become better. Hence, this prescription is the first prescription for treatment of cataract, however, in clinical application, we should treat the disease using the prescription with modification according to the differentiation of the syndrome, anticipative effect will be received.

Key words: Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, Ophthalmic Disease, Application

Writer: Lixin Yao
Cheng De Medical College Affiliated Hospital, Hebei province (067000)


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