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Shang Han Lun

Chest Bind Patterns

Line 134
“In Tai Yang disease, when the pulse is floating, stirred, and rapid, floating means wind, rapid means heat, stirred means pain, and rapid means vacuity.  There is headache, Fever, mild night sweating, and yet aversion to cold, because the exterior hasn’t yet resolved.  But the physician uses purging and the movement and rapidity of the pulse changes to slowness.  In the diaphragm there is pain that refuses pressure.  With empty vacuity in the stomach, visiting qi stirs the diaphragm and there is shortness of breath, vexation and agitation, and anguish in the heart.  The yang qi falls inward and causes hardness below the heart, which means chest bind; therefore Da Xian Xiong Tang governs.  If there is no chest bind, only sweat issuing from the head – and without sweat elsewhere – that stops at the neck, and urination is inhibited, there will be generalized yellowing.

Da Xian Xiong Tang

Da Huang 6 Liang (Remove skin)
Mang Xiao 1 Sheng
Gan Sui 1 qian-spoonful”

Key Words: Basic Tai Yang Disease Patterns, Chest Bind Patterns


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