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Internal Medicine

There are 100 outpatients from our hospital, they are randomly divided into treatment group and contrast group, 75 cases in treatment group, 25 cases in contrast group. Standard for diagnosis: (1) Being diagnosed as chronic gastritis, simple stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer 3 days before be selected; (2) The ulcer in active phase; (3) Stomach biopsy fast urease test shows positive, plus pathology test HP positive; (4) No anti-HP treatment within 1 month, the patients did not take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Treatment and observation method: Treatment group: taking Xiang Sha Wu Bei Mixtures, basic herbs: calcining Wa Leng 20g, Sha Ren 6g (decoct later), Gan Cao 6g, Wu Zei Gu 10g, Zhe Bei Mu 9g, Bai Ji 7g, Huang Lian 6g, Feng Huang Yi, San Qi powder 3g respectively (disolving in water), Yan Hu Suo 9g, Mu Xiang 6g, adding Lian Qiao, Pu Gong Ying, Zhi Zi if there are yellow tongue coating and rolling rapid pluse; adding Dai Zhe Shi, Xuan Fu Hua if there is nausea; adding Fa Ban Xia, Hou Pu, Cang Zhu if there is white thick greasy tongue coating, rolling pluse; adding Gan Jiang, Gui Zhi, Gao Liang Jiang if there are aversion to cold and favoring of hot; adding Su Geng, Shen Qu, Mai Ya if there are poor appetite and dysfunction of digestion, distention and fullness in stomach and abdomen; adding Bai Shao, Chai Hu, Xiang Fu, Yu Jin if there are stomach and  hypochondrium distention, abdominal pain if any emotion-thought change occurring.

Result: total effective rate are 96% and 72% for treatment group and contrast group respectively.

Key words: Xiang Sha Wu Bei Mixtures, herbal treatment, Peptic Ulcer

Writer: Yuezhi Luo, Youhua Liu, Huangbang Luo
Hua Xia cancer research institute, Changde city, Hunan province (415921)
Yue Zhi cancer hospital, Changde city, Hunan province


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