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Internal Medicine

All these 38 cases of allergic purpura patients come from outpatient. 28 cases of simple type, 4 cases of abdominal type, 3 cases of articular type, 2 cases of kidney type and 1 cases of mix type are included. Treatments: formula of San Cao Tang: Zi Cao 10g, Han Lian Cao 15g, Xian He Cao 10g, Bai Mao Gen 20g, raw Di Yu 12g, Jing Jie 10g, Fang Feng 10g, raw Huang Qi 20g, Chan Tui 10g, and Dan Shen 20g. Modification: for sore throat, Shan Dou Gen, Shen Gan and Xuan Shen are added; for pain and swelling of joints, Niu Xi, Luo Shi Teng and ji Xue Teng are added; for abdominal pain, Bai Shao and Du Zhong are added;  for hematochezia, Huang Qin Tan and San Qi Fen (taking with water) are added; for lumbago, Xu Duan and Du Zhong are added; for repeated outbreak and pale complexion,  Dang Shen, A Jiao are added; for protein of urinalysis, duct type positive, 1mg/kg Tripterygium glycosides is applied for oral administration. The curative effect is valued after 1 month treatment. Results: the total effect is 100%.

Key words: Self-made San Cao Tang, Chinese medicine treatment, allergic purpura

Baolai Xu
Dermatology department, Nanyang central hospital, Henan province (473009)


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